Guidelines on HOW to Write an article

This is how I write articles and it works. Please download both below files, READ and Follow Guidelines. We are there because of our readers and best satisfaction is when the reader finds the information

  1. That covers the subject well and
  2. Is UNIQUE and not COPIED

Most important guideline – EVERY sentence should be UNIQUE and NOT copied as it is from any website. It is a copyright violation and we can get penalised.

Please Download these

Article Outline Template

Guidelines to Write on History website

Use images between size of 500 to 800 pixels. Add Alt text, label and desc.

For any poetry, text, people usually search for “full text of xyz poem” or “xyz poem PDF”

In that case, just copy the poem / text in a word document

use Save as feature in MS word and save with filename “xyz poem text”

Use add media, just like you use it while uploading an image

Add hyperlink to that pdf with anchor text text – “XYZ poem full text PDF”